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Pumping and Fluid Transfer Systems

JPG Engineering offers a comprehensive design, manufacture and installation service for the supply of pumping and fluid transfer systems.

Fluid transfer systems are comprehensively engineered and purpose built to suit each unique application.

Systems are characterised by determining their system resistance curve/s and matched with a suitable pump performance curve to ensure that the required process control and operating duty is achieved.

Process and pumping equipment is selected to ensure that completed systems are reliable, cost effective and easily maintained.

This is achieved via the correct design and selection of:

  • Proprietary pump and process equipment
  • Pipework and valving type and sizing
  • Materials of construction
  • Fluid storage vessels, accumulators and sumps
  • System control philosophy
  • Process monitoring, electrical power supply and control systems

The design and specification for the electrical power supply and control equipment for each system is flexible. Electrical Control Equipment can be designed for incorporation into an existing control platform or as a stand alone power and control system.

Pontoon Mounted Submersible Pump

Riser Pump System with PLC/SCADA Control

Pontoon Mounted Dual Suction Strainer with Footvalve

Multi-Stage Vertical Centrifugal Pump System

Centrifugal Bore Pump with Custom Protective Skid

Fixed Pontoon Mounted Submersible Pump System

Centrifugal Pump System

Helical Rotor Pump System