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Landfill Leachate Treatment and Environmental Management

Since 1998 JPG Engineering has been providing Environmental Infrastructure Development, Process Support and Maintenance Services to NSW’s largest putrescible landfills.

This support has included the design and construction of:

  • Leachate Treatment and Pumping Facilities
  • Stormwater Treatment and Pumping Facilities
  • Wheel Wash and Recycled Water Treatment Facilities
  • Maintenance Servicing and Operations Support


Leachate Infrastructure Design, Supply and Installation

  • Leachate Treatment Systems (Australia's largest Facilities)
    *Ammonia Removal of up to 700 kg/day
    *BOD Removal
  • Leachate Dam Construction
  • Leachate Dam Transfer Pump Systems
  • Leachate Riser Pump Systems
  • PLC/SCADA & Radio Link Remote Access Control Systems
  • Surface Aeration Systems (Ammonia and BOD reduction)

Leachate Infrastructure Maintenance Services

  • Maintenance Plan Development
  • Maintenance Inspection, Condition and Process Report Development
  • Routine Inspection and Servicing
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Breakdown, Callout and Repair Services

Leachate Management and Operations Support

  • Infrastructure Operations Support
  • Management Plan and Standard Operating Procedure Development
  • Environmental and WHS Risk Analysis
  • Remote System and Process Monitoring

Leachate Storage (HDPE Lined)

Eastern Creek Leachate Treatment Facility


Treated Leachate Discharge Pumps

Lucas Heights Leachate Treatment Facility

Leachate Dam Transfer Pumps

Landfill Stormwater Treatment Facility

Landfill Wheel Wash Facility